How To Buy NFTs on SongRise

NFT Sales Details

Collection: Future Girl by Kris Lawrence, 200 Limited Editions
Date: January 28th 2022
Time: 18:00 PST (2:00 UTC the next day)
Price: 30 USD/NFT

How It Works

Before everything, you will need to open an account with SongRise either with Metamask or an email address. To make a purchase — you can:

The process:

Enter SongRise official website and log-in with your registered account. Click【Kris Lawrence — Future Girl — Full Track】on the homepage, which will direct you to the “Future Girl” NFT mint page.

Option 1 — Buy NFTs with a credit card

Step 1: Click【Buy】and input the amount of NFTs you want to purchase, then click【Confirm】.

Option 2 — Buy NFTs with Crypto

Please note that purchasing through Metamask is limited to 1 piece per transaction.

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